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GirlDriver, USA
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Friday, September 27, 2013

The First--and Possibly Only--Bacon Theatre Festival

Sometimes I do other things besides cars.  And the" thing" this week is The First--and Possibly Only--Bacon Theatre Festival.  I'm partnering with some of the coolest playwrights in New York and we've all written six-minute plays, musicals--and in the case of Kate McLeod and Rob Hartmann, an opera.  The festival is being hosted by Wes Klein, the genius behind The Baconery restaurant on Columbus Avenue between 104th and 105th.  Everything in the restaurant has bacon in it.  What's YOUR definition of paradise.  We're holding it at the Ding Dong Lounge, presided over by the incredibly cool (as in, if I had strived everyday to be that cool I couldn't get there) Adrianna Ault Nolan.  Then we have the playwrights  David Johnston, Athur Giron, DeLora Whitney, C. S. Hanson, Lucile Lichtblau, Byron Nilsson, Tzila Levy, Rob Hartmann, Rob Ackerman, Nick Myers, Christie Baugher and Kate McLeod.  The performances take place from 6:45-8:30.  There's bacon mac and cheese, a bacon dessert and wine.  Tickets are $25 and can be bought at

We have talent coming out of the woodwork for this.  Singers, actors, directors.  No choreography for this one:  it's a reading and the space is, let's just call it limited.  It is, by the way.  Get tickets if you want to be there.  Like today!

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