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Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Golf Made Easy--Not the Game--Just Transporting the Clubs

DV8 Bag With Clubs
by Mark West

"Golf without obstacles" was inventor Pat Brady's mantra during the five years it took to develop an golf bag the size of an ordinary backpack.  He was thinking of how to overcome the obstacles of weight and space to make golf accessible, convenient and affordable.  The result was this ingenious bag that fits an entire set of clubs and includes another compartment for an iPad or laptop to make practice sessions more effective.  

DV8’s patented, stainless steel coupler technology fits all the titanium and stainless steel club heads, which can be interchanged on one or two custom shafts in less than three seconds, with no tools or torque wrenches required.  Urban dwellers, frequent fliers, and small car owners can have a golf set that allows them to get on the course by subway or take clubs with them on business trips. The DV8 set is half the weight and about one fourth the size of a conventional set of golf-clubs. The design of the set makes it compact and light.   

Dubbing themselves “the Brady Bunch team” the company officials studied how to make playing golf more enjoyable, how to make practice more fun, and how to grow the game. “It's designed for the golfer whose primary goal is enjoyment.

“Our clubs represent a turning point in the industry, allowing more people to enjoy the game regardless of where they live, how they travel, or what they drive,” said Richard Stamper, president and CEO, DV8 Sports.

A complete DV8 set of clubs with shaft and the portable backpack-style bag weighs less than 15 pounds. Independent studies have shown there is no statistical difference in performance between DV8s clubs as compared to three of golf's leading brands.  Golf without obstacles was the idea that made PGA professional Rick Smith an member of the Brady Bunch team.  "We have to make golf more enjoyable," he said recently. "To grow the game, it needs to become more convenient for the vast number of players who play just for fun."  Smith is shown in a video demonstrating how quickly the club head can be changed ( Since peaking in 2003, the total number of golf participants has declined by 4.8 million or about 16 percent, according to a recent study conducted by the National Golf Foundation (NGA).  DV8 closely evaluated the golfing industry and figures there are a potential 39 million golfers being overlooked.
DV8 Club Array

These are not the hard-core golfers; they are occasional and latent golfers--the ones who play for fun. What prevents them from golfing are hurdles like the expense of owning a set of clubs that are used only occasionally and the challenge of transporting a typical set of clubs. DV8 Sports has come up with a way of solving those problems.
If not worried about your GHIN index or PGA rules or tournament play; if the name of your game is “fun and enjoyment” deviate and take a close look at DV8 Sports. DV8 Sports offers a range of sets including the convenient storage bag; the Starter at $499.95, the Practice at $699.95 and the Play (the complete set)  at $899.95. These sets can be customized also. To order a set or for more information go to     

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