GirlDriver, USA

GirlDriver, USA
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Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Is this a car or an airplane? It does have wings. And, it's a hybrid!

Winged La Ferrari

-->Ferrari unveiled LaFerrari supercar at the Geneva auto show today. It's gasoline-hybrid engine produces 963-horsepower and is is the fastest, most powerful and most expensive Ferrari model to date.This first gasoline-electric hybrid from Ferrari is powered by the HY-KERS system, which consists of a 6.26-liter V-12 normally aspirated engine that delivers 800 hp combined with a 120 Kw (163 hp) electric motor. Predictions are that it will cost around $1.2 million euros with taxes. Anyone who buys this car will be talking nonstop about 0-60. Here are the impressive figures:
0 to 100kph in less than 3 seconds and from 0-200kph in less than 7 seconds.

Ferrari is going to build 500 cars, expecting sales in China and Asia and the Middle East.Sergio Marchionne says it is already sold out.

A mean machine.
The ideal situation is to have a boyfriend who comes into town only every couple of months who owns LaFerrari.  He calls and says, "let's go for a drive!"  "Great," you say.  You go someplace upstate or over to the Berkshires or out to the Ham . . . no . . . just . . . oh, OK, out to the Hamptons.  He is very rich after all.   But this is great.  You don't own the car or have to garage it or worry endlessly about it. You don't even have to chip in for gas.  You have a lovely drive at 200 mph and it only takes you 15 minutes to get to Montauk or Great Barrington.  You have a nice dinner somewhere and you're back by 6:30 because it only takes you 15 minutes to get home.  I wonder if the NHTSA will categorize this as a plane and try to keep it off the highways.

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