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GirlDriver, USA
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Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Did You Get a Recall Notice on Your Vehicle? Don't Panic

No doubt you’ve caught the news about recalls and automotive safety in recent days.
"It may be overwhelming to hear that so many cars have been recalled, but in truth, carmakers save money by using common parts wherever and whenever possible, and this greatly increases the number of affected vehicles when there is a recall," noted Senior Editor John O’Dell, who recently published a fascinating piece on recalls at Features Editor Carroll Lachnit advises consumers to stay on top of recalls that affect them. "Consumers enjoy having a lot of features in their cars, but sometimes, things can and will go wrong, and the probability increases with every additional feature you have. To keep you and your family safe, it's critical to stay informed about recalls and to address them quickly when they affect your car."
A free resource on current recalls can be accessed at

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