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GirlDriver, USA
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Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Make Lots of New Friends--Drive the Jag XK

Amazing how quickly one's image can go from I'm-not-quite-sure-how-I-come-across to my-my-aren't-I-just-the-most-sought-after-person-on-the-street.  No I didn't lose 50 pounds or dye my hair or inherit a million dollars.  I drove a crystal blue Jaguar XK with a charcoal and ivory interior over the weekend.  Suddenly I'm getting invited to Saratoga for brunch and people are bringing over bunches of flowers and offering to help me with my errands.  I am the most popular girl in town for one whole weekend.

It was worth getting 16 city/ 24 highway to cruise Broadway, Saratoga's main street.  It was a beautiful spring day--unseasonably warm for early May.  The sun was shining.  The streets were packed with people and all heads--children, adults, seniors, women and men–– turned to look at us in the car.  Their eyes followed us as we passed and they kept looking as we slowly advanced.  The rear view of this car is so beautiful, you could not help staring. 

2012 XK
2012 XKR
Jaguar is so confident that it doesn't even have a V6 engine.  My XK had a 385 horsepower 5.0 liter V8 paired with a 6-speed automatic transmission.  The paddle shifters aren't ironic as they are in some vehicles.  They really fit the driving experience of the car.

There are many lux-o vehicles I don't want, not because they aren't great but they don't jive with my personality.  I would have these brake shoes under the bed, however.  Smooth, elegant ride.  Having problems with your image even if you got a bonus last year?  Here are two ideas:  go out and do something life changing for your community and go test drive the XK.  You'll be writing a check for this baby that will take about $91,350 (my vehicle as equipped with a base price of $84,500) out of your account.

"Approximately 50% of Jag buyers are concentrated in Metro New York City, southern
California and southeast Florida," says Stuart Schorr, PR chief for Jaguar/Land Rover.  "Probably 65% of our buyers are men, thoughthe percent of women drivers may be higher than purchasers."  That I think must be true.  Behind every car buying decision is a GirlDriver.

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